Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Vajayjay

With the announcement of HAPPY NEW YEAR comes the recalling of past highs (and lows) of the previous year. So here are my highlights and lowlights (or is it lowlifes?) of 2007.

The Goods
- Protests at various places around the world saw the halting of demolition in New Orleans, the removal of sexist clothing at Wal-Mart and Canadian youth protested bullying with the creation of the Pink Campaign.

- The Spice Girls kicked off their reunion tour (and Feminist Catalyst scored herself some tickets. Shazam!)

- The Americans got their first Female Speaker of the House

- Canadians finally gave up the polite adage that we speak not of politics or religion by opening up discussion of Islam and the role of the religion within a multicultural, democratic state. Things are getting heated (see below) but the first step is dialogue.

- Canucks saw a 1% reduction in GST. Hey, it’s better than nothing!

- Media mogul and overall goon Conrad Black heads to the slammer for basically embezzling a shitpile of moola. The classyness that is Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Keifer Sutherland and Michelle Rodriguez also go to jail for DWI – Driving While Intoxicated, which demonstrates that *gasp* drinking and driving kills, even when you’re a celebrity.

- Maher Arar reaches settlement with Canadian government

The Bad Stuff
- The word “Vajayjay” is featured on an entire segment of The View and an entire episode of The Tyra Banks Show. Not exactly the Colbert Report, but still! Come on people. It’s called a VAGINA. Embrace it.

- Speaking of which, we saw way, way too much celebrity crotch shots. People – Please wear panties, Paparazzo – Please stop caring.

- We had a National debate over whether Muslim womyn should be allowed to wear the veil when reporting to vote. Forgetting of course, to actually talk to Muslim womyn. Oops!

- Speaking of womyn and Islam, we saw Canadians and feminists around the world debate bitterly over whether the hijab was oppressive or empowering. In Canada, this all came to a head with the brutal killing of a 16 year old Mississauga womyn by her father who objected to her wearing “Western” clothing.

- The US saw a womyn get the boot from an airline because her clothing was “inappropriate”. She then posed for Playboy. Ouch.

- It was the year of re-calls. First it was pet food then it seemed to be (and still is) everything and anything coming from China. Mmmm….. lead.

We mourned the loss of Benazir Butto, Oscar Peterson, Luciano Pavarotti, writer, activist and overall badass June Callwood and The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick. And of course, Mr. Harry Potter. *tear*

Here's to a 2008 filled with more dialogue, less fighting and no more crotch shots! (It's really not that much to ask, is it?)

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