Sunday, January 13, 2008

I give it a week before they're on Springer...

There's this story creating a real buzz around the world right now. In fact, I'm sure most of you have heard of it already.

A British couple is now filing an annulment of marriage after they discovered that they were twin siblings who were separated at birth.Yes that's right. They met each other, fell in love, got married, thought everything was peachy keen and then discovered that they were not only related, but twins.

The twins were adopted by separate parents and due to adoption laws, their genealogical and biological history was not disclosed to them. Therefore, they weren't knowingly incestuous. And due to the amount of coverage of this story and the overall EWW factor of the whole thing, they have demanded strict confidentiality and complete anonymity in their court case. (But I'm sure if Jerry Springer comes knocking with a 6 figure paycheck, things might change).

Now of course this story is ringing around the world. People think it's hilarious! I can hear the Late Night Talk Show Hosts already, making terrible jokes and puns about "the rules of attraction" and how these two are obviously egomaniacs - they fell in love with reflections of themselves! Hardy har har. And I mean, this is pretty messed up and something you'd either see on Maury Povich or written in Hollywood.

But these are real people who were in love and probably *gulp* consummated their marriage. And naturally, they are peeved that they were denied access to knowledge about their biological history, the knowledge of any siblings, etc. So it is in the courts right now, as it is raising serious issues about the disclosure of information during adoption and how perhaps (as is being debated now) a child's rights to personal information should trump a birth parent's wishes for anonymity. This is especially true in places such as Britain where a parent does not legally need to inform their children that they were born through the use of donated sperm, which is another huge issue.

So although this particular case is about marriage annulment (and years of therapy for these two people and their families), it's also about the bigger picture of the rights of offspring. These people opened up a big o'le can of worms.

I guess this really gives new meaning to the old adage that after a while, couples start to look the same...


Yve said...

check that out. read up. you're going to trip out. I know I did.

Feminist Catalyst said...

YVE: The link didn't work for me. :(