Friday, September 7, 2007

Please check your bags and your style

This story has been circulating all around the net and the news, as it should be.

Basically this 23 yr old womyn boards a flight to Tucson and is told to get off the plane and change because her clothing is offensive. I have posted a picture here of the womyn in question. She refused, saying that she was only going for a day flight and had no change of clothes, so they made her re-adjust her clothes before taking off. Oh, not before they also gave her a speech about proper attire.

I think it goes without saying that the entire incident is ridiculous. I understand that you need to wear clothes to board a plane, because nude bits are offensive apparently and blah blah, but she was wearing clothes. Wasn't something I would wear but STILL. I dress like a hobo from Value Village so whom am I to judge?

What's struck me the most about the media coverage of this issue is the fact that they always emphasize that she was wearing a bra and that she's a Hooters waitress. Who gives a rat's ass?!

A- Must womyn legally wear a bra?

B- What does her occupation have to do with the fact that the airlines humiliated her in front of an entire flight for last minute fashion advice?

If Sunwest Airlines wants to start being the fashion police (or morality police), they should go after those who wear socks with sandals. That is a real crime.


Anonymous said...

Bloody ridiculous.
Was she flying "evangelical air"? No, so why the lecture?

Thanks for the info :o)

Ren said...

I'm not exactly sure what to say. That was so totally out of line and I really hope this "Keith" loses his uh, steward wings for that.



Anonymous said...

You dress awesome. Don't be silly.