Sunday, September 9, 2007

Men: No Uterus But Plenty of Opinions

I think it is rather evident at this point that I am 100% pro-choice. Access to safe and legal abortions are something I feel is uber important evidently but I understand the complexity of the issue and how you just can't bring it up without morality poking its lovely head in. One of the big issues surrounding abortion is the role of men. Overall I think dudes should butt the hell out because you'll never have a uterus so it isn't your place. And quite frankly, the overwhelming majority of anti-choice leaders are of the penis wielding variety (and most often associated with Jesus somehow).

So I tend to shy away from any spotlighting of men + abortion because it usually = feel sorry for the poor poor man who can no longer legally control his partner's body. However I just stumbled upon an amazing article online that really sums up how I feel about the role of men in the debate.

Basically this article made me realize how all the bad freakin' apples ruin it for the great, supportive and loving pro-choice partners who understand the enormity of abortion and want so badly to be there 100% for their partners. Because of zealot dirtbags, they are marginalized to the sidelines and ignored. Because of abusive and cohercive men who force abortions upon their unwilling partners or the anti-choice dickweeds who violently protest at clinics, men in general are written off in an attempt to protect womyn who are seeking abortions.

I am in no way advocating the victimhood of womyn nor the victimhood of men. This is in no way an attempt to take the spotlight away from womyn and place it solely on men. But as a feminist, I think it's important to recognize genders plural.

And of course, as a feminist, this article made me realize how harmful sexism and gender sterotyping truly is. Constructions of femininity and masculinity have taken power away from womyn in their decisions over their bodies and have forced men to keep quiet about their feelings.

Thank you AlterNet! Although the majority of your articles are hypocritical and they are all eventually taken over by crazy extremist commentators (this article no exception), you actually managed to present an insightful and well balanced article. My feminist heart swells in appreciation.


Ren said...

I'll be honest - I didn't read the entire artcile. I was preoccupied with Areatha giving her man the lay of the land in Blues Brothers.

But I digress: You're right. I wonder if you saw the male anti-abortion protestors outside The Civic today? Yeah - not a lady amongst them. And I thought exactly what you're thinking "Man, it must really suck to have a fetus scraped out of your uterus... oh, oh no wait..."
Honestly, while I supportopen communication between partners -especially- in the event of an abortion, in the end it should really be the womyn's desicion. I've known too many womyn in my day (my self included) who have felt the pressures of having an abortion from their partners. And yet, you don't see thos anti-abortion protestors battling against the men that may have influenced the decision - no because they can't force a womyn to spread her legs to get herself scraped to shit.
I'm sorry, but I'm behind on 100% on this. Yes - include men. Yes - let them have their opinions. But do NOT let them dictate how a womyn copes with her body.


Feminist Catalyst said...


Thank you so much for your comment because it was a total lightbulb moment for me. I had never before thought of the anti-choice leaders and how they go on to womyn about how they are evil for having abortions but they never point the finger of blame on the men who pressure womyn to do so.

This clearly exposes what their real agenda is: misogyny. These misogynists (and I do believe womyn can be misogynists too) believe that womyn are imbeciles and too naive and stupid to make their own decisions.

Amazing point; thanks for bringing it to my attention.

- Me

Anonymous said...

Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.