Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I know what you're thinking

"There she goes again with her ovary obsession". Yes, it's true. I like my eggs. But I can't help it if they keep popping up in the news lately!

More than one in three Canadian women wrongly believe the new, much-hyped HPV vaccine will prevent ovarian cancer
Which is pretty terrible on its own. The poll goes on to show that the majority of womyn confuse ovarian cancer with cervical cancer and falsely believe that pap smears will detect ovarian cancer. There is obviously mass confusion going on in the area of female genitalia.

The commissioning of the poll was great, in my opinion, because it indicates that public education is a must, especially with the mass inoculation that is going to occur shortly for womyn. However, the poll and the article that accompanies it fail to hit the root of the problem.

Womyn are not encouraged to know their own bodies. I can see you rolling your eyes already, but I'm telling you: it's true. And this is painfully highlighted in the article.

The CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada (who is a doctor) uses terms like "cancer down there" and "below the belt". Hum... it's called a vulva, or vagina, or labia, or ovaries, etc whatever the case may be.

But if people whose job it is to study female genitalia are too embarassed to use the right terminology, how do you think 16 year old Sally is going to feel about asking questions or raising concerns about her sexual and reproductive health? It is no wonder that womyn are so confused and uneducated.

We need to start a revolution. A vagina reclaiming revolution! Who's with me?

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Ren said...

Haven't I made it clear enough by now that the Vagina Movement is at hand! We be bringing back the word!!

Yeah, there's been so much in the media lately about the truth behing the HPV shot. Within the last 2 weeks I've ready numerous articles in the newspapers not to mention that Macleans Magazine just did an expose on the subject.

At my last check up, my doctor offered the shot to me. I asked if it was covered by my insurance, and she said no, but it would prevent if not obliterate the chances of my getting ovarian cancer. Or so was my understanding having left the office. I was convinced that this new development in womyn's health was really a new wave. My mother, believe it or not, was the one who knocked some sense into me.
She told me to do my research. Wait out the fad and see where these "developments" stood by the end of it.
And wouldn't you know it, she was onto something there!
Not 2 weeks after the fact all these realities are coming to light.

So yes: Great topic! Glad you posted it! Kudos!

Cheers - Me.