Friday, August 31, 2007

Iggy's bird

Most of the time, the job of critiquing and deconstructing political news or commentary requires some deep thinking and pondering. The task of creating satire isn't always obvious. Other times, they practically hand it to you on a silver platter. Michael Ignatieff did exactly that today.

Now this is a bit of a feat, considering the man was an acclaimed academic at a prestigious US university; a world traveller and a respected intellect. But that all changed with one little trip to the Maritimes.

At a Liberal get-together of sorts, the Liberals went on what was supposed to be a whale watching excursion. Apparently, whales can sense evil because they were nowhere to be found. There were, however, many, many puffins. These puffins were quite exciting to the ole Iggy meister.

"It's a noble bird because it has good family values. They stay together for 30 years. They lay one egg (each year). They put their excrement in one place. They hide their excrement.… They flap their wings very hard and they work like hell. This seems to me a symbol for what our party should be."

Now I'm just a wannabe-politician but even I know that you should never say the words excrement and symbol of our party in the same sentence. Christ, even Chretien knew that!

Now for a man who tried so damn hard to be leader of the Liberals, you'd think he'd know better. Especially a man wanting to lead a party that is still reeling from a scandal. They already think you're full of bull and up to something, do you really think it's wise to tell the Canadian public that your party is good at hiding crap - literally?

Seriously people. I couldn't make up stuff this good if I tried. And trust me, I've tried.


Anh Khoi Do said...

Ignatieff saying that the Liberals are hiding crap? What does it imply? Here's my thought: maybe he wanted to say that while the Liberals seem to be united ("family values"), they just don't show to the public how divided their party is.

Ren said...


Had a good laugh reading this one.