Thursday, August 30, 2007

Egg Hunt

A new study shows that ovaries help protect us lady folk from dementia. And here they were for all these years telling us that our eggs were the ones making us crazy. Sheesh!

The study found that the removal of ovaries led to a high jump in a womyn’s chances of developing dementia. The reason being that ovaries produce estrogen and that the sudden drop off of estrogen from ovary removal deeply affects the brain.

This study is highly important for womyn because many (often far too many, but that’s another story for another day), undergo hysterectomies in their 50s-60s which usually involves a whole lot of egg snatching. (Alright, maybe snatch was the wrong verb right there).

What this study and article doesn’t touch upon is the consequences of estrogen levels on mental health as a whole. What I mean is the generations of womyn, including yours truly, who suck back the hormones once a day through the Pill. What about those who decide to get off the Pill to I dunno… procreate? Although we’ve come a long way since contraception was legalized in 1969, hormonal birth control methods still contain a lot of hormones. And I have yet to hear of any major study done on the mental state of those who are everyday gals who are on the Pill for years and then go off it.

And seeing as though I am not a scientist nor a scientific researcher, I have to put the word out there for those who are.

* I wish my eggs were as shiny as these!

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