Monday, August 27, 2007

Babykillers REJOICE!

I couldn't help but laugh when I found this little gem online.

"Rock for Life is committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide,
and euthanasia to America's youth through music and ministry"

Because all three are lumped together, don't you know? Oh how I adore anti-choice logic. This website obviously assaults my senses in many ways, one of which is its continuous use of the dichotomy: pro-life and pro-abortion. Being pro-choice does not mean you endores abortions. Nobody wants abortions. However, pro-choice believe in the reality that shit happens, rape happens, coercion happens and so, safe, accessible abortions must exist. And don't even get me started on the bullshit of pro-life. Pro-choicers are the real pro-lifers. They believe in meaningful, healthy lives. So-called "pro-lifers" care for the unborn, but when that womyn pops up a baby, you'll have a hard time finding one of those gung-ho "pro-lifers" ready with universal daycare or pay equity.

But this website rocks my socks because of this feature. It's a list of so-called PRO-LIFE BANDS. Wooo!

A- I had not heard of 3/4 of these bands (and I'm fairly educated in the ways of muzak)

B- Is anyone really surprised that bands called "Death Through Adam", "Everyday Sunday" or my personal favourite, "Infant Discarded" are anti-choice?

I only recognized "As I lay dying", "P.O.D" and "MxPx" but maybe I'm just not down with the ways of Jesus.

But I did genuinely enjoy reading their list of so-called evil bands which are outspokenly pro-choice. I by no means base my musical tastes and/or standards on political stances but from now on, everytime I discover a new band/musician that I like, you bet yourself I'll be finding out what list they're on.


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd be the first to comment on this post. Yay for you and your new blog.
Love ya!

Ren said...

I believe in pro-choice, because even the Bible preaches choice - thats what seperates us from animals. But that being said, I think more importantly, pro-education is really the name of the game.
It's all well and good to give our daughters the option of an abortion in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, but teaching our kids about birth control, teaching them about the the risks and dangers and realities that unprotected sex can bring i believe would really be promiting that "pro-life" mentality: We value life, so lets try and limit the "murderous abortions" we hate so much rather than obliterate them all together.

I love the way you think Jewels.


anna said...

You surely recognised Bryan Ferry?

(Bryan, nooo!)

I'm not actually against someone being "morally" anti-abortion (what's with not calling it what it is? You're pro or anti abortion! Not life, not choice! Abortion!) but I'm in favour of that moral distinction being up to the individual. Not everyone believes in souls, god, sin, what have you.

Jewel - what's your take on the death penalty?

Feminist Catalyst said...


I think you (you being a generic term, not necessarily you specifically) can be "anti-abortion" and still be pro-choice. Just because it's not YOUR choice doesn't mean you deny that choice to everyone else. I can understand someone not wanting to get an abortion; but I don't understand how they can pass judgement so easily on others who are in what is obviously a different boat.

I mean, in a perfect world, there would be no need for abortions, right? But I'm an eternal optimist apparently.

I have yet to make up my mind on the death penalty. I'm still fence sitting on that one. What about you?

Anonymous said...

(Well, not that it means anything...but there are so many great bands and artists on the pro-choice side.)

I don't like that they call it pro-life. As a person who is pro-choice I find it very insulting. I am not against life. I am for life. I am pro life all the way.

But a life is not just about your existence, your cogntive recognition...or wherever the law says life begins now. It is about the freedom to live your life as you choose. Breathing in and out is not enough.

I am not running out to run an abortion clinic. I am not encouraging women to get abortions. I think it's very sad when a fetus has to be terminated. I can't imagine how hard that decision must be. And unless you are in that situation you cannot speak for that woman. You have no right to speak for that woman.

But whether or not you personally disagree with abortions, the choice-the option must MUST be there. Freedom is choice. And if we are under the impression that we are one of the fore runners of human rights, democracy and freedom then we must stand firm in the pro-choice movement.


anna said...

CRAP I lost my internet and comment :(

Anyway, that's what I meant when I said pro/anti-abortion - legally.

Although, I would say I was particularly anti-abortion. I mean, I PROBABLY wouldn't have one, but how can I say? And if I can't say regarding me, how can I for anyone else? I'm fairly neutral there. (Which I understand to be odd!)

The argument I don't get - I understand where anti-legal-abortion people are COMING from, even if I don't agree - is the "I am against abortion except in x and y situation". I guess they think babies of rape are worse than having an abortion but still... I always understood the main argument of the pro-life movement to be that the foetus shouldn't be put below the life/wants of the mother - if that's so, it doesn't matter what the circumstances they were conceived in were.

As for the death penalty, I'm against it but I understand why other people don't get how I'm pro-legal abortion and anti-capital punishment. (The dinstinction in my mind is that abortion is something you CAN make a personal decision about, as it affects you and you alone, and should be allowed to, whereas capital punishment is government controlled, open to abuse and takes a life there is no debate about.)

ALSO. With as much education and sexual health and free condoms and EVERYTHING... I think kids (and others) are still young, still secure in their arrogance and absolutely sure that it won't happen to them, or are too shy to ask someone to use a condom, or get carried away in a moment... I don't think there will ever not be accidental pregnancies. If you go back through the histories of gender, you see anti-pregnancy tonics etc. through the last 800 years and probably earlier... I don't think it's a problem of the modern day.

Anonymous said...

I respect the "a fetus is a human life thing" I guess. Well I respect wanting to stand up for something that cannot speak for itself.

However, at that early stage I do not believe the fetus is really a life. Not an individual life. In those first few months where abortion is possible, the fetus is just a part of the mother.

While a growing human being cannot compare...and I probably danger myself in saying egg is not a human life. Sperm is not human life. A pro life argument is "protecting that potential life. We cannot kill human beings". Well we cannot save every potential life.

In a world wrought with poverty and disease, abortion is also a viable birth control option. Now, please don't freak out on that. I am not suggesting we kill off babies for population control. I simply mean that a pregnant woman in a particularly difficult financial situation, a person of a certain socio-economic background should have this option.

It is not enough to "save a human life". We must consider the world we bring this baby into. If a young teenage girl has gotten herself into a bad situation I think she should have the choice to correct that. Of course we have adoption and many others will choose that.

That is what it comes down to- choice. Choice and education in the first place. Proper sex education needs to be available world wide (particularly in countries in Africa devastated by HIV/AIDS). Knowledge really is power. This is where humans must prevail.