Monday, June 16, 2008

Paging NeoCons Everywhere: Get with the Times

When “Cold, wet spring threatens B.C. pot crop” is a headline on a federally funded news site, the neo-cons on the Hill should probably perk up and pay attention.

I am a strict straightedge lady and I get it, so what’s Harper’s problem?

I was in Vancouver recently and I can certainly attest to the cold, soggy weather that they are having. It’s no wonder that their crops are dying off. This is certainly a concern for an industry that CBC grossly underestimates at being worth 1 billion. Truthfully, it’s worth 5x that or more. And as the article points out, it’s not like fewer crops mean that people are just going to stop buying it. Rather, the people who are able to make it grow nonetheless or who are hydroponics will up the price.

Economics 101 says: Supply and Demand. Less supply, higher prices. More supply, lower prices. Basic, basic, basic.

So get on the train, Harper. Legalize, monitor and tax. Then everyday folks can start benefiting from the profits, police services can be diverted and we can start focusing on agriculture as a whole. This article only chooses to focus on BC pot crops because it’s so risqué to do so. But the reality is that all kinds of crops are suffering and with the rising costs of food, Canada needs to be concerned about this.

So legalize it and have it under the banner of "agriculture" and then we can manage the industry like we do every other agricultural one.

Besides, a great plus side of legalization is that we won’t need to rely on asshats like Marc Emery to serve as spokesperson to the “cause”.

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty straight edge too. And I am pretty proned to agree. It's an opportunity they are letting pass. If you make it legal it can only discourage people from using it. Let the police focus on more serious things like oh I don't know, murder perhaps or rape.