Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Off your Ass AND Save a Tree!

Sticking it to the Man can get quite exhausting. In fact, paying attention to the world AT ALL is exhausting and not to mention, a huge downer. So it’s awfully refreshing to read a good piece of news, proof that there are some people in the world that are taking things in a good direction.

If you know anything about Canada, you know about the big boom that is Alberta. (If you don’t, you haven’t been reading one of the best blogs around). Either way, the place is booming and there are constant new developments. The Calgary City Council made a pretty stellar move recently when they disallowed a new business complex to have drive-thrus.

Their reasoning is that they are trying to build a sense of community and by having people stay in their cars to do pretty much everything these days, the chance of actually running into your neighbour and stopping to chat are slim to none.

There’s actually a really strong movement to outright ban drive-thrus in many municipalities and many are fighting for it to be law from coast to coast. The reason most often used is that drive-thrus are HORRIFIC for the environment. Think about it. You’re just sitting there, idling away with your arm out the window like a toddler, waiting for your pre-fab food. Or bank money. Or prescription. Yes, some pharmacies have drive-thrus now.

So I say, down with Drive-Thrus! Let's get off our asses and walk a few feet, shall we?

Alright so by positive news, I didn’t exactly mean world peace and candy for all, but! it’s a start, people.

**For those of you wanting to take action, there is an online petition here asking for the banning of drive-thrus. Online petitions are generally pretty inaffective but you can add your voice to the debate nonetheless.


Mary said...

Starting your car actually creates more emissions than idling for 2 minutes. Having this said, if you're in the drive-thru and there isn't a big lineup, then it's better to just keep your car running.

If the lineup is huge, that's where the toll takes effect.

Dunkin' Donuts in the morning is bad for the environment.

Dunkin' Donuts at 3pm isn't.

Now if you're removing drive-thru's completely, think of the chaos inside. Most buildings can't accommodate all the people that are already in line inside, with all the people waiting outside.

The design just wouldn't work. The drive-thru is like an extra cash register. And usually, fast food chains concentrate on the drive-thru before the customers inside.

They would need more counter space, and more cash registers inside to make this work.

Feminist Catalyst said...

Mary - Thanks for your comment.

And I agree with you about the structure of existing buildings and how they are not made to accomodate a lack of drive-thru (in terms of cash space, etc).

But in the case of new structures being built, such as in this Calgary community, the stores will be built from the ground up with that accomodation.

Plus regardless of the environmental issue, which I think is the biggest pull on this, you can't beat the community argument (I think).