Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mother Nature is sinking and I don't wanna swim

Big news for the environment this week and like most things on this blog, the news is BAD.

It seems that a massive chunk of the Antarctic ice shelf has broken off and collapsed. Just to give you some perspective, the chunk of ice is bigger than Montreal. The city. In Quebec. Saddened, but not surprised, scientists are blaming the collapse on global warming. And the prospects aren’t exactly looking up when you consider that
“The rest of the Wilkins ice shelf, measuring more than twice the size of Prince Edward Island, is holding on by a narrow beam of thin ice.”
Obviously this is a big deal. So is the fact that Painkillers, other drugs found in southern Ontario drinking water. These “other drugs” include birth control and anti-depressants. Serious drugs with high hormone levels. The study is obviously ringing alarm bells for the 15 municipalities it includes, but it’s also a bad sign for the environment. The study concludes that they are “trace amounts”, which is enough for CBC respondents to go off about how you “take your own risks by drinking tap water” and “this is just another paranoid attack on big pharma”. But trace amounts are still amounts and add up with time. And let’s face it, we don’t really know that much about the effects of these drugs on aquatic life and the eco-system, since they are tested on peeps not animals. And with children hitting puberty at younger and younger ages, there is word that the link can be made to hormones found in water.

So I read this and think HOLY HELL. But apparently, Canadians aren’t too concerned. In fact, the biggest headline on Globe and Mail this morning when this was written?

No Rolling, No Winning. Context? A manufacturers default has made a bunch of Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win cups look as though they have already been rolled. Naturally, people are shitting bricks that Tim Hortons employees, who work shit hours for shit pay, have been rolling up the rims behind the counter and then handing them to customers.

Mother Nature is slowly crumbling - not a big deal. You quite possibly missed out on a free donut from the purchase of a low-grade, environmentally unconscious cup of coffee – massive deal.

Nice to see Canadians have got their priorities in order.


Anonymous said...

At WalMart they actually sell these little plastic devices on a key chain to use to roll up your rim. Cause apparently it's too difficult.


ch said...

We seriously think alike. The fact that that story made to the front page of any newspaper, much less Canada's only credible national daily is straight-up depressing.

Anonymous said...

People don't seem to realize that when you squish the cup in half, and use your thumbs to roll the rim, it rolls up very easily. Better than chewing on it for a minute or two, to reveal dissapoinment...

On that note, the guy who invented the rim rolling device, is an old man from the nation's capital :o)