Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catholic Church: Out of Touch and Lovin' It

So I’ve stated on here many-a-times before that yours truly is a pro-choice, lapsed Roman Catholic. I grew up in a Catholic household in the sense that I did all my fancy, smancy sacraments and attended Catholic school. I’ve now abandoned it and am morally opposed to organized religion. There are many reasons for this, mostly the hypocrisy and ignorance which hurts my soul.

Please take note of Exhibit A: Ottawa's Catholic archbishop says he will refuse communion to any politician who "obstinately" supports access to abortion, but only if he or she cannot be persuaded to stand down.

So if you’re an elected Member of Parliament who has gone through all the religious sacraments necessary to receive “the body of Christ” but you think that womyn should have the right choose, no bread for you.

My question is: who and what defines “obstinately” supporting access to abortion? Is it voting YES on certain Bills or is it only if you’re really into it and joining pro-choice rallies? And how exactly does this fellow intend to “persuade them to stand down”?

“Mr/Ms/Mrs Minister – If you don’t vote NO on such-and-such a Bill, you can’t have any bread. Why? Because I said so!”

This whole thing is really that paternalistic and truly hypocritical considering the history of the Catholic Church. They’re shunning pro-choice politicians from church ceremony but it took them forever to admit to histories of sexual abuse and they’re still trying to skirt away from the residential school controversy. Then there's the stuff like, you know.. the Crusades.

Not to mention the sheer hypocrisy of listening to not only a man, but a man sworn to celibacy, telling other people what their reproductive rights should be.

But! Fear Not Loyal Followers! Observe Exhibit B: The Pope says that polluting is a sin. Enviromentalists have been touting this line for years, but apparently it takes a decrepid old man in a funky hat to preach love for the Earth before it really sinks in.

So, does that mean we can expect the Pope mobile to be a hybrid?


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the Catholic Church and Christianity I agree with you. The organization/hierachy/zealots freak me out. As far as the Pope goes, I wish to refer to a particularly brilliant clip of Ms. Margaret Cho:


JaneDoe said...

Hey, I'm a fallen Catholic too! *high-five*. I think it's interesting to see the Church making up all these rules to promote their political agenda- if anything I think it makes them look more power-hungry and hopefully more transparent, but I guess that's only if people are paying attention.
And I love that polluting is a sin. Thanks Pope Obvious.

Ren said...

I think what's happening is that they're picking these battles instead of fighting the war.

I mean, nobody's gonna give a fuck if 1 priest is denying the body of Christ. Catholic Priests are a dime a dozen. Besides, doesn't the Bible preach tolerance and non-discrimination? If you want to go and pull the "Abortion is murder" card "It says so in the bible" then lets refuse to let blacks, women, children, etc. fiesta on Christ.

This bothers me because they say this shit for the media response - there's no other reason. Who gives a shit if a Priest makes a statement? HE HAS A WHOLE FUCKING DAY DEDICATED TO HIS STATEMENTS!

Media frenzy over abortion rights... yeesh. Lets pick a new topic please? How about something like false idols? OSACAR is looking a little bit like a golden calf to me.
ther fact that prolly gets more hits than I'm sure is ex-nayed in the bible somewheres.

Well written Cracka.