Monday, February 2, 2009

Phelps: Not Superhuman, After All?

Apparently Michael Phelps smoked weed at least once in his lifetime. Which is apparently, also really shocking to people.

News of the World published a photo of him taking a hit from a bong and now he's in full fledged bullshit apology mode.

This is the same guy who was already arrested for a DUI. This is the same guy who is 23 years old. . C'mon, people. Take a breather (but not from a bong).

Pardon me for not being beside myself with shock. Sure, he's superhuman in the pool and an astounding athlete. But he's also young, filthy rich and living a pretty ridiculous consequence free lifestyle.

Personally, the only real shocking thing from this Globe and Mail story about this new "shocking" photo is that Barack Obama admitted to not only smoking pot but "snorting cocaine when he could afford it" back in high school.

Seriously? Now that's badass.


Ren said...

Barack'll cut'chu!

As for the weed, it's certainly not a, performance enhancing drug... so what's the problem?

Maybe he's a Shaman?

RB said...

hehe take a breather (but not from a bong). <--- that statement made me laugh...

I heard about it a few days ago, and then looked it up yesterday... His speech uses the same terms he used for his DUI after the olympics when he was 19 years of age... Regardless, he gets drug tested all the time before and during the olympics... That shit's over and done with and now he can live a semi-normal life again.

Some people say he's too old to be making immature mistakes like this, yeah, it's a dumb mistake, don't let yourself get in that position, but really, he doesn't have much of a life while he's training for 2 or 3 years... He probably parties like he's never partied for an entire year after the olympics.

It's his time to let loose...

In the long run, now we know how he can consume his 6000 calories a day diet. MUNCHIES!

RB said...

LMAOOOOO I just read the article from the Globe and Mail...

"He was the gold-medal winner of bong hits."


Feminist Catalyst said...


I do believe he is an ancient shaman of sorts. How else can he swim like that? It's maaaagic!