Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Botulism For a Wrinkle-Free Future

Botox always struck me as one of those things that society would look back on and say "WTF were people thinking?!"

Botox, for the 4 of you out there who don't know, is an injection that people (typically womyn) get injected into their body (typically their face) in order to hold the muscle and "reduce the appearance of wrinkles". It's temporary, expensive and well, ubiquitous now a days.

Now it seems that Health Canada has come out and repeated what the US has said, which is that Botox is dangerous as hell and should be labelled strictly. Which should come to no surprise to anyone who even spends 5 mins thinking about how "healthy" injecting chemicals into your face can actually be. Considering it's also temporary, which would indicate that it's moving around somewhere in your face.

"In its advisory, Health Canada said the symptoms of "distant toxin spread" include:

* Muscle weakness.
* Difficulties swallowing.
* Pneumonia.
* Speech disorders.
* Breathing problems."

So it seems that people have actually died from Botox injections, which is what prompted the major overhaul of its labelling in the United States. Now its important to note here that the reported cases of fatality from Botox involved children who were using Botox for experimental therapy for cerebral palsy, which is not an approved method.

But personally, I've gotta believe that if you KNOW the chemical spreads and little research exists on the long-term effects of the product, why bother using it for cosmetic purposes? Botox has proved effective for excessive sweating and migraine relief, but even then, the chemical spreads! And without long-term research, people should know they're taking a risk.

I truly hope Botox is looked back on and mocked like asbestos and blood letting cures.

Seriously people: When you know better, do better.


Natalie said...

Ok.. i get the point about botox being a cosmetic thing is stupid, but as a nurse I saw botox work magic! A resident (elderly woman) I have, was having problem seeing due to her eye lids drooping in front of her eyes. The Dr oredered botox. As nurses, the team was all skeptic but after research we found that botox was safe if injected by a professional (not any ordinary Dr. can inject it, must be a plastic surgeon)So we got it done (her Health Care benefits actually paid for it, yea it's covered for health reasons, not cosmetic) and to tell you the truth it worked 100% her lids don't droop!! But like your article says it is not permanent. She gets it done only once a year! We explained the pros and cons (the risks) but she was very desperate to see again so she went for it and she does not regret it one bit! Even after 3 yrs she talks about what a good think it was to say yes to it!

Feminist Catalyst said...


Thanks for the comment. And obviously, you know what you're talking about. I guess my only concern then, about the example you listed, is that people NEED to know the risks. I fear that people are given stuff without being fully explained how it can affect you.

But I know of someone who got Botox for migraine relief and said it was a godsend. And clearly in your case, this lady swears by it.