Monday, July 7, 2008

This Ain't a Scene; it's a Goddamn Arms Race

So as the ole adage goes “You learn something new everyday”. And today is proving right for this raging blogger.

Did you know that the company that is paid to process the Statistics Canada Census Information goes by the lovely name of Lockheed Martin?

I didn't until today. But yup, Lockheed Martin.

Yes. That Lockheed Martin. The American arms dealer company. You know, the people who makes shitloads of money from the killing of others overseas and nationally as well?

Yeah, those classy bastards.

And well, two Canadians found this out and refused to fill out their census sheet as a form of protest. Very Ghandi-like, don’t you agree? Well in Canada, we take our censuses very, very seriously. No Ghandi for us. We take censuses so seriously in fact that these two Canadians are facing up to 3 months in jail and a 500$ fine.

Do we not have better shit to do with our times? Are we really going to go through the process of prosecuting these people who quite frankly, have an amazing point. Reknowned Arms Dealers should not be given Canadian contracts. Period. Especially when they are companies which fall under the Patriot Act and therefore allow the American Man to check their records if it fits their fancy.

And you know what? As a Canadian, I’m really saddened that this contract would go to an American company at all. Even if it were a kickass one. But you can thank NAFTA for that one, as the rules of NAFTA dictate that the contracts must be open to any company in North America.

Lesson for Today: Canada loves gun toting American corporations and hates passive-aggressive Canadians.

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Anonymous said...

*And NAFTA will bite us in the ass again and again forever more.