Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seriously people.

Can someone, somewhere not do something about this taser business?


Enough is enough.


Ren said...

Hah, yeah. I heard about that this morning.

Way to go Mounties.

Technology is not safe in our mountain rangers' hands.

On a side note, I have the greatest thing ever on my blog right now.


Mary said...

Personally, I think tazers are a good thing. Looking at different stats and whatnot, there are fewer police officers being injured on the job due to violent people. The only reason you hear about alot of people dying is because there are so many cities and towns using them now that it's bound to have more and more controversy.

Before, they had a nightstick. What's a nightstick gonna do to stop a fleeing criminal? What about a violent criminal... Or a violent one with a knife?

It's a mid-alternative to nightsticks and guns.

- Guns ARE lethal.
- Tazers CAN BE lethal.
- Nightsticks ARE useless in this day and age.

Sometimes they are overused in different situations, but it's also a good precaution when you're trying to detain a fleeing criminal who was caught using a tazer. The prongs stay in the person, and the officer warns the person not to move, otherwise they will again be immobilized.

Tazers are a good thing for this day and age. Don't stir the shit, and you'll be less likely to get tazed, in turn, less likely of POTENTIALLY DYING.

What's your opinion on them anyway?

Feminist Catalyst said...


My opinion is that I don't know enough about police procedures and whatnot to call for an outright BAN, but I think it's time that there is some serious (and QUICK) investigation of the pros and cons of using them.

I get that they are less dangerous to police officers but they're also killing folks. And killing people in the street is rather barbaric to me.

There has been some investigations launched in individual cities but it's high time that something is done quickly and swiftly at the national level.

We have new arrivals to Canada and 17 yr olds dying at the hands of cops. Not cool.