Thursday, October 11, 2007

The times, they are NOT a changin'

Sorry to let you down Bob Dylan but it appears to be business as usual in Ontario today. Instead of giving skeaze bag McGuinty the boot, Ontarians thought "Hey, let's give him more power instead!" giving the Liberals a majority government. And then if that weren't enough, they decided to vote against the MMP voting system, futhering the chances of same-old, same-old. Although I live in Ontario, I say they because I did not in fact, vote this way at all. As someone who not only lives in Ontario but in Dalton McGuinty's very riding, I had a lot to lose yesterday and lose I did.

Even beloved New Democrat MPP Will Murray didn't win a seat; although it was said he would and results showed that he almost won. But almost only counts for horseshoes and car accidents and politics are more of the train wreck variety.

And so today is a solemn day as I hang my head in sadness at the thought that I live in a province that is apparently in love with high tuition fees, measly benefits for the differently-abled and a pathetic record of dealing with gun violence, gender equality and poverty.

Maybe what I need to get through the next four years is less Bob Dylan and more Puff the Magic Dragon...


Ren said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

If it's any consolation, I'll vote for you when you're running...

...or alternatively, we could quit this whole quazi-fascist McGuinty glory hole and kick it to Renaenia where we will rule supreme! WAHAHAHA!

yeah. dig it.


Yvil said...

less bob dylan and more puff the magic dragon? lady, I like you're style.