Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazies Come Out To Play In Calgary

If you're looking for a Canadian city with a perpetually negative reputation, look no further than Toronto. On any given day, someone, somewhere is bashing Toronto, actively hating Toronto or talking about the latest crime spree of sorts in Toronto.

Hell, there was an entire documentary based on hating Toronto!

But watch out T.Dot; Calgary is climbing up the ranks and looking to steal your much-coveted spot as the most hated city in Canada.


First, they went and invited former President George W. Bush to come and speak. (True, there were anti-Bush protesters, but still... they invited him at all. That's telling).

Then, religious folk from Calgary got upset with the atheists buying some bus ads, so they went and bought their own. Which, whether you agree with the atheists or not, goes to prove their point that people are uber concerned about "their" God.

And then, in a move that stunned the country as a whole, Calgarians witnessed 50 white supremacists marching down the streets on the International Day to End Racism, who then clashed with actual anti-racists protesters. Apparently those ever-clever aryan race asshats have called March 21st "White Pride World Day". Anti-racists advocates didn't like that, so they blocked their way and then riots ensued.

Calgary police are now being criticized for protecting both the white supremacists and the anti-racist demonstrators.

Personally, I don't believe in any violent protesting and I do believe in Freedom of Speech but I also believe that it's really fucking sad when in 2009, Canada has at least 50 people in one city alone who are wanting to march through the streets in support of White Pride.

I love Alberta, I really do, but shit shows like these only act to reinforce the stereotype of Alberta as the Conservative, racist, Bible Belt of Canada.

(For a healthy dose of the Alberta that I love and adore, check out Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying).

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Ren said...

HAH - wtf.

J-J, if it werent' for you, I wouldn't know wtf was going on in the world.
FIRST: What in the world is there to be proud about? White? Dude, not only are we a melting pot of cultures that apparently count for shit because we're WHITE, we can account for no distinct culture. You can't just tell that someone is Welsh, Swedish, German, Russian, English, Irish, etc. Secondly, for all the White Supremists, taking pride in that supremecy means you are immediately accountable for all the BULLSHIT ANTICS that ANY white pride bullshit hater ever pulled EVER - congratulations, douche bag.
Lastly, if you're reeeeally white, you're really only loved by one thing: The Sun, and the UV Rays it tries to embrace you with... well that and the Copertone Company. Enjoy your out-door rallies, Hose Beast.