Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Give Up.

The world in general is rather awful at times but Canada is taking the cake for me today.

We have Car Dealer Ownerships in Canada complaining that they have to close until 12:30pm on Remembrance Day.

And then we have someone posing as a murder victim's sister to solicit faulty donations. Tim McLean, the slain Greyhound bus passenger, was the target of con artists who posed as his sister and took money from people who thought they were assisting his family through economic hardship.

I realize that this is the ultimate Debbie Downer post and that there is a slew of fabulous things happening in this country (including, but not limited to, the fact that we now have Olympic medals under our belts!) But I just can't help but get downtrodden at times.

Humanity is pretty sick and twisted and when people are complaining that they're going to lose money because they have to close for 3 and 1/2 hours one day out of the year and other people are capitalizing on a horrific tragedy, it really makes you reconsider how you feel about your country.

Canada: Today I am ashamed to know you.


Mary said...

I'm sure those companies are places who's daily revenue depends on the morning's sales... Like small coffee shops. Alot of their sales are in the morning... Or even a store that sells nothing but newspapers...

I see where they're coming from, and they're complaining about it, but if they were to say "Let's change the hours closed to 5-8 for remembrance day", then you would have restaurants and those types of businesses complaining.

In the end, business is business.

Feminist Catalyst said...


As my blog post states, it is car dealerships that are complaining and not small coffee shops. Convenience stores and gas stations are already exempt. This new by-law is only changing the hours that Car dealerships can be open.

Mary said...

Ohhhh, I must've skimmed through that part a little too fast.

It's not like they sell more cars in the mornings than afternoons...

Sorry I misread the post :) I now completely agree with you, although it's weird why they're targeting just car dealerships...