Wednesday, May 14, 2008

G.I Harper

First, he armed border guards. Now, he's arming National Park wardens and we’re dumping 30 billion into the armed forces.

Good Lord have mercy.

Now I’m not a pacifist hippie at all costs, don’t get me wrong. I understand that you can’t exactly walk into Rwanda with a beer and an extended hand and get things accomplished. I understand that armed conflict is often necessary. But looking at the park wardens for instance, it’s easy to make a case for park wardens needing riffles to shoot wild and insane animals that are on the loose and potentially killing campers. Bears and raccoons and whatever else are wild animals and since we’re on their turf, they’re bound to not exactly like it. Is it fair that we shoot ‘em? Not really when you consider that we’re hanging out in their environment. But the argument of needing to give wardens guns for their vehicles in this case is a solid argument. However, they are arming park wardens with handguns.

They apparently need handguns for “law enforcement”. Are you kidding me? I’m not saying that being a park warden is a walk in the park (ha..ha..) but do we really need to be bustin’ caps into campers? It’s been proven that when you arm yourself, you raise the risk of someone shooting you in the first place and you reduce the chance of being able to talk someone down. They see you with a gun, see you as a threat and then chaos ensues.

And the military spending? I’m not anti-military per se. I understand that if we’re going to have a military, we need to have these people properly equipped and not to mention, paid properly. But I think that this government is making a huge statement here, by decrying our shitty economy, cutting social spending and then promising 30 billion over 20 yrs on military spending. And arming everyone and their neighbour.

Harper and his gangsta friends are very obviously suffering from some masculinity complex where they feel the need to militarize the living snot out of this country and I’m not having it.

For the love of Pete, someone call a gdamn election.


Anonymous said...

should stick to what you know about when speaking about wardens-because you obviously do not

Feminist Catalyst said...

Then do enlighten me, oh anonymous one...

Anonymous said...

wardens are highly trained and devoted peace officers mandated to protect national parks for all canadians, despite your naive view and uninformed view of sidearms you know nothing about what you speak, we no longer expect firefighters to put out fires with buckets nor we should expect officers enforcing laws to not have the full suite of what is what is considered standard equipment to 90 percent of the other conservation officers nationaly and provincially. while the average citizen doesnt see what happens in the communites that a police officer sees in course of duties nor does the average tourist in a national park and while it may seem like everything is always roses while you are driving or hiking thru a national park it is not, it may be sad statement on society that these kind of tools are necessary but unforntunately they are in this day and age so those that canadians expect to protect their parks can return home each day after a shift safely. just as a first kit may never be used, you would rue the day you need it and bleed out becuse you dont have it