Tuesday, April 15, 2008

...and I haven't even seen a flying pig today!

Holy #$%! This badass feminist actually has some good news!
Canada might continue to maintain a dismal record of gender equity in government (at every level possible) but that isn't the case in Spain.

Spain's new cabinet consists of 9 womyn out of a total cabinet of 17. Do the math ladies and gents. That's more chicks than dudes!

Now usually when ladyfolk manage to even get into the Old Boys Club, they get files like Culture, Languages, Education, etcetera. They don't get nice heavy and politically important files like Defense, Trade, International relations and all that jazz. Well once again, the Spanish do it better!

They have more womyn than men, therefore surpassing gender parity plus they have a 7 month pregnant womyn serving as Defense Minister.

Oh and just when you thought feminists couldn't rejoice any harder? Their Prime Minister, who is a dude, calls himself a feminist.


I'm moving to Spain.

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Yve said...

me and you both!!