Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pro-Life! Pro-Jesus! Anti-Logic!

If there's anything in the world that I love more than Skittles and naps are crazy anti-choice Jesus freaks. The thing I love most about them is their selective use of logic. Take this guy for instance.

He's a guy (emphasis on the penis here) from the Maritimes who refuses to pay his taxes because the Federal Government and in turn, Provincial government, funds abortions. The man, who is evidently very anti-choice, thinks that his tax money is better left to him than to give to the politicians who will use it to fund abortions.

But unbeknown to him apparently, tax money also goes towards... the roads he drives on, the health care he uses, the collecting of his garbage, etc. Oh and the funding of education systems, which is something he obviously needs more of. Oh and it also goes towards the judiciary system. The same legal system that's going to nail his ass to the floor for tax evasion.

On days like today, I am oh so proud to be a Canadian (and a lapsed Catholic).


Ren said...

Right on, Green Bean!

I loved how you followed it up with what he's benefiting from as a result of tax payers.

You rule at skool


Anonymous said...

What I'm curious about is why did he choose now to "protest" his taxes. If he is so anti-choice and hates what the government does with our money, why hasn't he done this before. I think he was just feel cheap.

William C-Marshall said...

Haha, no way.

I guess this is a lesson for me to never be cheap, and always pay my taxes. Otherwise, I too might be the subject of peoples blogs, and the receiver of a ass full of hurt.


Yve said...

-snickers- are you frakkin' serious??

dear sweet merciful goddess I am amused.

Gary said...

If the person believes that abortion is murder, is it really "illogical" of him to protest paying his taxes...

I mean, we don't call a person "illogical" for not paying taxes when the tax money goes to unjust wars, right?

There's nothing "illogical" about his decision. At all. The only issue is whether or not the fetus is a life that should be protected. He thinks it is. He thinks taking protected life is morally wrong. He protests. Logical.

Feminist Catalyst said...


It's illogical for him to stop paying his taxes on the abortion issue when he lives in a suburban area. If he lived in the woods with no contact with the outside world, then sure. But since he has benefitting from tax payer dollars, it is illogical to think that by stopping the payment of your taxes, your money won't go towards abortions but will continue to go towards other health care costs, garbage pick-up, snow removal, etc.